Canon PIXMA TS9521C Driver

Canon PIXMA TS9521C
Canon PIXMA TS9521C

Are you ready to take your printing experience to the next level? The Canon PIXMA TS9521C is here to make your printing tasks more efficient and enjoyable. In this article, we will guide you through the process of downloading the essential drivers for your PIXMA TS9521C, ensuring that you get the most out of your printer.

Downloading Canon PIXMA TS9521C Drivers

To optimize your Canon PIXMA TS9521C’s performance, you need the latest drivers. Follow these steps to download and install them:

Step 1: Locate the Official Canon Website

Visit the official Canon website by searching “Canon PIXMA TS9521C drivers” in your preferred search engine.

Step 2: Navigate to the Driver Download Section

Once on the Canon website, navigate to the driver download section. Look for the PIXMA TS9521C model and select it.

Step 3: Choose Your Operating System

Select your computer’s operating system from the available options.

Step 4: Download and Install

Click on the download button to start downloading the drivers. Once the download is complete, run the installation file and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 5: Restart Your Computer

After installation, restart your computer to ensure the drivers are fully integrated.

FAQ – Canon PIXMA TS9521C Driver

1. What should I do if I encounter issues during the driver installation process?

If you face any problems during installation, ensure that your computer meets the system requirements, and try downloading the drivers again. If the issue persists, contact Canon customer support for assistance.

2. Can I use the PIXMA TS9521C with both Windows and Mac operating systems?

Yes, the Canon PIXMA TS9521C is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Simply choose the appropriate driver for your OS during installation.

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3. Are there any wireless printing options available for the PIXMA TS9521C?

Yes, the PIXMA TS9521C supports wireless printing. You can easily connect your devices to the printer via Wi-Fi and print wirelessly.

4. How can I ensure the best print quality with my PIXMA TS9521C?

To achieve the best print quality, make sure you use high-quality paper and genuine Canon ink cartridges. Regularly clean the printer heads and perform maintenance checks as recommended in the user manual.

5. Can I use third-party ink cartridges with the PIXMA TS9521C?

While it is possible to use third-party ink cartridges, it is advisable to use genuine Canon cartridges to maintain the printer’s optimal performance and quality.

Canon PIXMA TS9521C Driver Download

Canon PIXMA TS9521C MP Driver for Windows – Download

Canon PIXMA TS9521C Full Driver for Windows – Download


In conclusion, the Canon PIXMA TS9521C is a versatile printer that can greatly enhance your printing experience. By ensuring you have the latest drivers installed, you can make the most of its features and capabilities. The step-by-step guide provided here simplifies the driver download process, making it easy for you to optimize your printer’s performance.