Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6255i Driver

By | 18/11/2023
Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6255i

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6255i


Unleash unparalleled efficiency with the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6255i. In this brief overview, explore the compelling reasons why this printer is the smart choice for businesses aiming to enhance their printing capabilities and streamline office operations.

Why Choose the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6255i

In a sea of office printers, the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6255i emerges as a standout choice for businesses seeking optimal performance and efficiency. Here’s why you should consider this advanced printer for your office needs:

  1. Exceptional Features for Enhanced Productivity

The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6255i boasts a range of features designed to streamline your workflow. From high-speed printing to advanced document handling, this printer is a powerhouse that can handle the demands of a busy office environment.

  1. Reliable and Robust Build Quality

Investing in a reliable printer is crucial for any business. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6255i is built with durability in mind, ensuring that it can handle the daily rigors of a bustling office without compromising on performance.

  1. Intuitive User Interface for Seamless Operation

User-friendly interfaces are essential for maximizing productivity. The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6255i comes equipped with an intuitive touchscreen display, making it easy for users to navigate through various functions and settings with minimal hassle.

  1. Cost-Efficiency with Energy-Saving Features

Businesses are increasingly conscious of their environmental impact and operational costs. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6255i addresses these concerns with energy-saving features, helping you reduce both your carbon footprint and electricity bills.

  1. Versatile Connectivity Options

In today’s interconnected world, having a printer that seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure is crucial. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6255i offers versatile connectivity options, ensuring compatibility with various devices and network configurations.

  1. Effortless Driver Updates for Peak Performance
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Keeping your printer drivers up-to-date is essential for optimal functionality. With Canon’s user-friendly driver update process, you can effortlessly download and install the latest drivers, ensuring that your imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6255i operates at peak performance.

  1. Prompt and Responsive Customer Support

Canon is renowned for its excellent customer support. Choosing the imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6255i means having access to a responsive support team ready to assist you with any queries or technical issues promptly.



1. How do I check the current version of my Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6255i drivers?

Easily check your driver version by navigating to the printer settings on your device. Look for the “Driver Information” or “Software Information” section.

2. Can I download Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6255i drivers on multiple devices with a single license?

Most driver licenses allow installations on multiple devices, but it’s essential to review the terms and conditions provided during the download process.

3. Are there any prerequisites for updating Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6255i drivers?

Ensure your device meets the minimum system requirements specified by Canon before initiating the driver update. This information is typically available on the official Canon website.

4. What should I do if the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6255i driver download is interrupted?

In case of interruptions, restart the download process. If issues persist, check your internet connection and try a different browser or device.

5. Can I roll back to the previous version of Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6255i drivers if needed?

Yes, you can revert to the previous driver version in the device manager. Locate the printer, right-click, choose “Properties,” go to the “Driver” tab, and select “Roll Back Driver” if available.

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Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6255i Driver Download

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6255i LT Printer Driver & Utilities for Mac Download (62.98 MB)

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6255i PS Printer Driver & Utilities for Mac Download (40.54 MB)

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6255i Generic Plus UFR II Printer Driver for Windows Download (62.03 MB)

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6255i Generic Plus PS3 Printer Driver for Windows Download (54 MB)

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6255i Generic Fax Driver for Windows Download (29.10  MB)



In wrapping up our journey through the capabilities of the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6255i, it’s clear that this printer stands as a beacon of efficiency and reliability in the realm of office equipment. From its robust features that enhance productivity to its user-friendly interface that simplifies operation, the imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6255i proves itself as a valuable asset for any business.


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