Canon TS3522 Driver

By | 01/09/2023


Canon TS3522

Canon TS3522


If you’re a proud owner of the Canon TS3522 printer, you’re probably aware of its outstanding printing capabilities. However, to unlock its full potential, you’ll need the right drivers. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the Canon TS3522 driver download process and provide you with everything you need for a smooth printing experience.


Downloading Canon TS3522 Drivers Made Easy

Installing the correct drivers for your Canon TS3522 is crucial for optimal performance. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Identify Your Operating System: Before downloading the driver, determine your computer’s operating system (OS). Whether you’re using Windows, macOS, or Linux, Canon has drivers available for various platforms.
  2. Visit Canon’s Official Website: Go to Canon’s official website, where you can find a dedicated support section. This is where you’ll locate the drivers for your TS3522 printer.
  3. Search for Your Printer Model: Use the search bar to look for the Canon TS3522 printer. Once you find it, click on it to access the driver download page.
  4. Select Your OS: On the driver download page, select your OS from the available options. This ensures you get the right driver version for your system.
  5. Download the Driver: After selecting your OS, you’ll see a list of available drivers. Click on the one that matches your system, and the download will begin automatically.
  6. Install the Driver: Once the download is complete, run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver on your computer.


FAQ – Canon TS3522 Driver Download

1. What if I Can’t Find My OS on Canon’s Website?

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If your OS isn’t listed on Canon’s website, contact Canon’s customer support for assistance. They may be able to provide alternative solutions.

2. Do I Need to Update My Drivers Regularly?

It’s a good practice to check for driver updates periodically. Updated drivers often include bug fixes and improvements that can enhance your printer’s performance.

3. Can I Use Third-party Drivers?

While it’s possible to use third-party drivers, it’s recommended to stick with Canon’s official drivers for the best compatibility and performance.

4. Is It Safe to Download Drivers from Canon’s Website?

Yes, it’s safe to download drivers from Canon’s official website. Be cautious of downloading drivers from unverified sources to avoid potential security risks.

5. What if I Encounter Issues After Installing the Driver?

If you experience any problems after installing the driver, reach out to Canon’s customer support for troubleshooting assistance.


Canon TS3522 Driver Download

MP Driver Ver.1.01 (Windows) – Download

Driver setup package (Windows) – Download

IJ Printer Assistant Tool Ver.1.60.3 (Windows) – Download



In conclusion, ensuring you have the correct and up-to-date drivers for your Canon TS3522 printer is essential for a smooth and efficient printing experience. With the easy-to-follow steps outlined in this guide, you can download and install the necessary drivers for your specific operating system directly from Canon’s official website.


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