Canon PIXMA MG7120 Driver

By | 16/11/2023
Canon PIXMA MG7120

Canon PIXMA MG7120


The Canon PIXMA MG7120 is a powerhouse of features, designed to elevate your printing experience. Let’s delve into the impressive capabilities that make this printer stand out.


Features of Canon PIXMA MG7120

1. Exceptional Print Quality: Experience the brilliance of vibrant colors and sharp details with the PIXMA MG7120. Whether it’s photos or documents, this printer delivers exceptional print quality that brings your creations to life.

2. Wireless Connectivity: Say goodbye to tangled cables and embrace the convenience of wireless printing. The PIXMA MG7120 allows you to print seamlessly from your computer, smartphone, or tablet, providing a hassle-free printing experience.

3. Intuitive Touchscreen Interface: Navigate through your printing tasks effortlessly with the user-friendly touchscreen interface. The intuitive controls make it easy to access various functions and settings, ensuring a smooth and efficient printing process.

4. Versatile Paper Handling: Whether you’re printing documents, photos, or envelopes, the PIXMA MG7120 handles it all. With support for various paper types and sizes, this printer offers versatility to suit your printing needs.

5. Creative Printing Options: Unleash your creativity with the PIXMA MG7120’s creative printing features. From borderless prints to customizable layouts, explore a range of options to add a personal touch to your projects.

6. Efficient Ink Usage: The PIXMA MG7120 is designed with efficiency in mind. Its smart ink management system ensures that you get the most out of each cartridge, reducing the frequency of replacements and overall printing costs.

7. Fast Printing Speeds: No more waiting around for your prints. The PIXMA MG7120 boasts impressive printing speeds, allowing you to get your documents and photos in hand quickly without sacrificing quality.

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8. Compact and Stylish Design: Fit for any workspace, the sleek and compact design of the PIXMA MG7120 adds a touch of style to your home or office. Its space-saving footprint doesn’t compromise on performance, making it an ideal choice for any environment.

9. CD/DVD Printing Capability: Take your customization to the next level with the PIXMA MG7120’s CD/DVD printing capability. Personalize your discs with labels and images, creating professional-looking media for various purposes.

10. Energy-Efficient Operation: Contribute to a greener environment with the PIXMA MG7120’s energy-efficient operation. The printer is designed to conserve energy without compromising on performance, making it an eco-friendly choice for your printing needs.



1. Can I use third-party ink cartridges with the Canon PIXMA MG7120?

Yes, you can use compatible ink cartridges, but it’s recommended to use genuine Canon cartridges for optimal performance.

2. How often should I clean the printhead of my PIXMA MG7120?

Cleaning the printhead every few months or when you notice print quality issues is advisable. Follow the printer’s manual for specific instructions.

3. Is the Canon PIXMA MG7120 compatible with mobile printing?

Absolutely! The PIXMA MG7120 supports mobile printing through various platforms. Download the Canon PRINT app for seamless wireless printing from your smartphone or tablet.

4. What paper types are compatible with the Canon PIXMA MG7120?

The PIXMA MG7120 supports a variety of paper types, including plain paper, photo paper, and envelopes. Refer to the printer manual for detailed information.

5. How can I check for driver updates for my Canon PIXMA MG7120?

Stay up-to-date with the latest drivers by regularly visiting the official Canon website. They provide the most current software for your printer model.

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Canon PIXMA MG7120 Driver Download

Canon PIXMA MG7120 series Full Driver & Software Package for Windows Download (48.89 MB)

Canon PIXMA MG7120 Series MP Drivers for Windows Download (20.55 MB)

Canon PIXMA MG7120 Series XPS Printer Driver for Windows Download (14.62 MB)

Canon PIXMA MG7120 Series CUPS Printer Driver for Mac Download (16.56 MB)

Canon PIXMA MG7120 ICA Driver for Mac Download (2.30 MB)



In conclusion, the Canon PIXMA MG7120 goes beyond the basics, offering a comprehensive set of features that cater to the demands of both creative and everyday printing tasks. Elevate your printing experience with this versatile and high-performance printer.

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